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Avatari Aqua Generator - Life Water

Do you know how the water you drink every day affects you?

Water is the universal solvent for systemic compounds, temperature regulator and a necessary complement to food for all living organisms known so far. It is involved in most metabolic reactions and acts as a mean of intracorporeal transport of e.g. waste products, nutrients, hormones, enzymes.

Water is the source of all life, but does all water sustains that life? Does it support longevity?

Most of the water sold in the shops and intended for human consumption has an unfavourable acidic pH and is an oxidizer that contains free radicals. The water you drink cannot be an oxidizer, because it makes you age faster!

  • It doesn't matter what company you drink your bottled water from. Almost all of drinking or bottled water are oxidizers and don't have any antioxidant properties!
  • The free radicals contained in the oxidizing water contribute to the formation of many diseases. They degenerate your cells and make the body age faster!
  • It doesn’t matter which filter you use - none of them removes free radicals (the reactive oxygen molecules) from your water.
  • Most of waters and drinks have acidic pH level below 7.0 - which leads to acidification of your body.

What are the free radicals?

They are free, unpaired electrons of oxygen, which are formed in the body as a result of metabolic processes. Their presence is related to the defence mechanisms of the organism, but their excess is definitely harmful. Free radicals have a negative charge and tend to connect to the particles charged positively, and the process of the formation of this joint is what we call oxidation. The effect of this process can be a damage of the DNA and cell membranes leading to the cell extinction. Currently, it is believed that this may be the beginning of a variety of diseases, as well as having an influence on the aging process itself.

How free radical act on your body?

Research shows that the adverse effects of free oxygen radicals in the body involves, inter alia:

  • reaching to the nucleus and causing mutations in the cell genetic material which could be the beginning of tumour growth,
  • increasing levels of the LDL cholesterol ('bad cholesterol') which accelerates the development of atherosclerotic lesions,
  • damaging sperm, which increases the risk of infertility or birth defects,
  • fostering the development of eye conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration,
  • may result in damage to the nerve tissue,
  • lowers the efficiency of the immune system,
  • is related to the aging of the organism.

Now You can prevent it!!
The AVATARI AQUA Generator
will help you combating the free radicals and alkalising your body.

See how the free radicals attack cell proteins, damaging them and causing the aging of your body. Life Water, rich in active hydrogen, and full of electrons acts as an SHIELD, which by binding electrons to the free radicals, quickly and efficiently neutralizes them. Water of Life protects your body from oxidation and premature aging, and allows the regeneration of damaged cells.

Avatari Aqua combating free radicals and protective active hydrogen - Water of Life - www.WodaZycia.info

Thanks to the AVATAR AQUA Generator every day You will have the access to the Life Water, that will protect You from the harmful effects of free radicals and alkalise your organism-the source of Your health and well-being.

Life Water Efektywność Ochrony Przed Wolnymi Rodnikami - Life Water - www.WodaZycia.info

The AVATARI AQUA Generator operating in a bottle of water with visible bubbles of active hydrogen is the most powerful, available in large quantities and naturally produced
The alkaline water is full of positive, right-spinned energy of life of about 9.500-10.000 units (maximum) in the Bovis scale, and 140.000 units in the BSM scale.

The AVATARI AQUA Generator in a bottle producing the Life Water - WodaZycia.info
The original AVATARI AQUA Generator in the storage sac - WodaZycia.info

Did you know, that...

Human blood and intracellular fluid has a negative redox potential that ranges from -50mV to - 200mV-and breast milk- from-50mV to-250mV.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi - Woda Życia - www.WodaZycia.info

Are Cells Immortal?

According to Nobel Laureate Dr. Alexis Carrel, yes. In 1912 he took heart tissue from a chicken and kept it alive in vitro for 34 years simply by changing the fluid around it. Before he died in 1944 he theorized that:

The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats which degenerates. Renew this fluid at intervals, give the cell something on which to feed and, so far as we know, the pulsation of life may go on forever...

The chicken cells outlived Carrel himself until the fluid replacing experiment was terminated.

Alexis Carrel - Woda Życia - www.WodaZycia.info

What do the healing water sources in Lourdes, Tlacote and Nordenau have in common?

In the study of the Water Institute in Tokyo we can see that what all of these wonderful places with healing waters had in common was the presence of Active Hydrogen which has the ability to reduce the free radicals O2- and OH. Previously no attention was paid to such thing as REDOX potential (OPR) in drinking water. To measure the OPR potential we use the OPR-meter. According to its measures the bottled water that we can buy in a shop has a positive OPR potential ranging from +170mV to 400mV. Not all the water is healthy! Even that advertised as pure. Commonly sold bottle mineral waters are generally oxidant.

What do you drink? An oxidant or an antioxidant?
Let’s measure the OPR potential of the commercial bottled water.

With the OPR-meter you can check and see the oxidation reduction potential the water you drink has.

Pomiar potencjału ORP Redox Miernik ORP Avatari Aqua - WodaZycia.info
ORP: +312mV unhealthy water
pH: 6,71pH acidic
An oxidant
ORP: -548mV healthy water
pH: 9,67pH alkaline
An antioxidant

Does natural water contain Active Hydrogen?

There are two kinds of drinkable water:


An oxidizing water, (an oxidant), that stands for 99% of drinkable water supplies. It is full of free radicals, has the oxidation reaction (redox) potential above +200mV and triggers health deterioration, aging and loss of beauty.


Deoxygenated water, rich in Active Hydrogen, it can be found only in a dozen or perhaps a few dozen places in the world, or it can be the Life Water obtained through the use of the Avatari Aqua Generator.

Indications concerning the use of Life Water by Dr Brzozowski:

-10mV to -200mV - for the prevention of aging and modern-age diseases
-100mV to -350mV - for the active prevention of the pathological processes in the body

-350mV to -500mV - regeneration of the body

The range of REDOX potential of different kinds of water available. Measurement in mV (millivolts).

Avatari Aqua. Chart: The OPR potential of waters. - Woda Życia - www.WodaZycia.info

Chart with different waters and their OPR potentials. Research by the Water Institute in Tokio.

An appriopriate pH level in our blood is crucial for our health.

Your blood should maintain the exact pH level equal to 7,365. The slightest deviations can lead to various types of mutations and result in the occurrence of symptoms of diseases. When the pH level falls below the 7.0... very harmful and irreversible processes occur in the body and the body cells die.

The pH level

Dr. Robert O. Young has discovered a new way of looking at health, which is based on the discovery of the fact that it is not the bacteria, so far mistakenly thought to be the source of disease, but the over-acidification of the body. He explained and proved it in his book "The PH Miracle" (Robert O. Young, Shelley Redford Young).

Poor diet, negative emotions and unhealthy lifestyle cause the everyday production of acids and toxins in our body that the body has to combat. By drinking the Life Water with pH ranging from (7,80pH - 10,50pH), you alkalize your body and restore you inner pH balance, thus you prevent the emergence of diseases and regain your health.

See the visionary material on CNN, where Dr Young explains the difference between acidic and alkaline pH factor in the blood.

The excess of acidity weakens your entire system and forces the body to extract minerals from the vital organs and bones to neutralize the acid and safely remove it from the body. The body creates fat cells to safely store the acidic crystals of deadly poisons away from the vital organs such as the liver, heart and kidneys.

"Obesity is a problem caused by acidity, and creating fat is the way to save your life" explains Dr. Robert Young.

Dr Lynda Frassetto, a scientist investigating the acid-base balance related issues, said in the study of 1000 aging people that we notoriously store acid in the adipose tissue.

Avatari Aqua quickly generates active hydrogen in a natural way, without the use of electricity and any artificial methods. You can therefore enjoy the convenience of having the healing water in your own home, or wherever you are, without the need of visiting spa sources.

When inserted into a bottle of drinking water, the Avatari Aqua immediately starts to work and after only 10-30 min significantly reduces the redox potential, giving you healing water just like from Tlacote, Giving, Nordenau or other SPA healing places!


  • effective stimulation of the regeneration of the body and its immunity
  • better absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  • stabilization of the digestive processes and gastric acid secretion
  • improved blood circulation
  • improved metabolism
  • improved eyesight
  • lower cholesterol level
  • chronic diarrhea cured
  • stabilization and optimization of the body weight
  • faster healing of wounds and ulcers
  • lowering blood glucose levels - for diabetes
  • increase vital energy, activity and strength
  • disappearance of cellulite and wrinkle smoothing
  • stimulation of development of a good bacterial flora in the intestine
  • stimulation of hair regeneration
  • improve the quality of sleep, faster regeneration of the vital force
  • better hydration of the body, up to 6 times more better than ordinary water, especially for the skin, which becomes firm and smooth
  • improved functioning of the intestines (flatulence and the production of gases reduced, reduced stomach cramps, stool odour reduced)

What do the scientific studies say about it?

The research on 3 673 patients conducted by Dr Gracele Camps Salaberry in Montevideo General Hospital in Uruguay, using the water from Tlacote showed an improvement of such medical conditions:

  • HIV 100%
  • allergy 99%
  • skin conditions 96%
  • respiratory failure 89%
  • diseases of the digestive system 91%
  • neurological damage 59%
  • arthritis - rheumatism - atherosclerosis 87%
  • diabetes 88%

In Schalemberg (Germany) 411 patients with diabetic disorders were examined clinically and showed a 45% improvement with the use of water from the famous Nordenau.

Hidemitsu Hayashi - Water of Life - www.WodaZycia.info

Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi and Dr. Kawamura Muneori conducted clinical studies in Japan in the years 1985-2000 using water with Active Hydrogen. The studies have shown a very high efficiency of this water in the treatment of diseases such as:

  • diabetes
  • diabetic gangrene
  • high cholesterol
  • angina
  • high pressure
  • asthma
  • rheumatism
  • gout
  • Crohn's disease
  • Behcet's syndrome
  • skin diseases associated with loss of collagen
  • some heart diseases
  • ulcers
  • immunological failure
  • cancerous tumours
  • renal
  • chronic constipation
  • diarrhea
  • baby dehydration
  • neonatal hyperbilirubinemia
  • HIV
  • SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus)
  • allergies
  • cataract

Japan's Ministry of Health issued a medical certificate, and officially confirmed (approval no. 57), that the treatment of active hydrogen water is effective to combat:

  • chronic diarrhea
  • indigestion
  • abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation
  • gastric acid disorders

Tests and studies conducted in Poland and the Czech Republic on behalf of Life Improvement Institute in the U.S. showed the following effects of drinking the Life Water:

  • Decrease in cholesterol levels (e.g. from 235 mg% to 194 mg%), glucose levels of a diabetic patient on an empty stomach is 130-140 mg%, and after treatment with Life Water is 86-94 mg%
  • for people with leg atherosclerosis significantly increases the distance that they can move without pain in the calves
  • 49 year old man after 5 months of treatment achieved an improvement of the eyesight from 2.5D to 1.5D (glasses) and a reduction in body weight of 7kg
  • in scleroderma (in the form of fingertip ulcers and hand swelling), there was a 80% improvement in mobility of arms and legs
  • few patients observed an improvement in efficiency in the healing of chronic wounds
  • patient with Friedreich's ataxia after a month of treatment with the Life Water (1 litre per day) - appetite regain and less use of crutches

The antioxidant properties of water with a negative redox potential confirmed by numerous tests and studies are of great importance in terms of inhibition of cell degeneration processes or, simply speaking, of aging!

And how the water of life will affect your beauty?

Health and cosmetic effects observed by patients:

  • visible smoothing of deep and shallow wrinkles
  • elastic and hydrated skin in a long-term
  • deferred appearance of white hair
  • greater efficacy of cosmetics applied on the skin together with the Life Water
  • noticeable reduction in the unpleasant smell of sweat, regulated defecation
  • steadily progressive purification and alkalization of the body
  • increased stamina and libido
  • visible disappearance of cellulite
  • body weight reduction and fitness improvement

For whom is the Life Water?

  • for those athletes exposed to extreme loads
  • for people with progressive atherosclerosis, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, age-related changes
  • for people who care about the appearance, reduction of acne and allergic skin changes
  • for all who want to enjoy good health for many years

Take care of Your own health and order Your Avatari Aqua Generator

Generator Active Hydrogen the Life Water Avatari Aqua - www.WodaZycia.info

The Life Water Avatari Aqua Generator is the easiest and most effective way to live a healthier and happier life with its full life force for a long time!

The Avatari Aqua Generator successfully produces the Life Water for about 6-10 months non stop. The life water Treatment costs you only 0,28 cent a day. While using the Avatari Aqua Generator, the minerals contained slowly disolve in water. It functions as long as the granules are present in the generator refill. When there are only 20% of the minerals remaining, we recommend to replace the generator refill, so that the Generator will function as brand new again. If you have the spare refill, we recommend to complement the one that is inside the Generator, so that was always full.

Zamów Generator Wody Życia Avatari Aqua - www.WodaZycia.info
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