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The effects of the Life Water on health and beauty

Drink plenty of water!

  • The most effective moisturizing starts from the inside out!
  • If you drink too little, the effects are immediate - the skin loses elasticity and softness, and begins to peel and become sensitive to allergies.
  • Water not only hydrates the skin from the inside but also purifies it.
  • By drinking water, you help your liver, lymphatic system, kidneys, and skin to release and excrete toxins. If it contains an additional active hydrogen, it effectively flushes out the excess of free radicals from your body - a major cause of aging and many diseases!

The cosmetic effects of drinking Life Water

  • Better hydration of skin (up to 6 times better than using the ordinary water). Improvement of the quality and appearance of our skin - it becomes smooth and tight, and has a youthful look.
  • As you drink the Life Water your hair becomes shiny, beautiful and more elastic and hair follicles recover.
  • You also gain better absorption of minerals, vitamins and nutrients, improved skin metabolism, reduction of free radicals to inhibit aging of the skin (the hydration of the skin decreases with age). The inhibition of collagen degradation by free radicals improves skin flexibility.
  • Water with the OPR potential of -300mV to -400mV- is good to improve the quality of skin. Using the Life Water on your face, you can expect the disappearance of inflammation, skin allergies and wrinkles.
  • How to immediately moisturize your skin? Simply apply our poetically called "dew drop" or "kiss of an angel", water-based mask on your face. Firstly wet your face with the Life Water and then cover it with a thick layer of moisturizer. Wait until the skin absorbs the sufficient quantity of moisturizing substances. After 20 minutes, wipe the cosmetic excess with a tissue. It will work 5-10 times more effectively on your skin than without the Life Water.

Where does the water in the skin come from?

From the inside of our body. It moves gradually from the deepest layers of the skin to the epidermis. Then it leaves the surface and evaporates. That's why we constantly need to take care of the water reserves in our body.

We should drink at least 1.5 litres of liquids a day. But not all of them promote beauty. Coffee and black tea for instance not only do not moisturize our skin- they literally steal it! They inhibit the process of secretion of the hormone responsible for the retention of this life-giving fluid in our body.

Changes in acne, from the research by Dr. Hayashi:

Kuracja Generatorem H-01

The skin of patients with acne and inflammatory changes:

Kuracja Generatorem H-01
treatment with an active hydrogen water
Kuracja Generatorem H-01
after 6 weeks of treatment

The Life Water will significantly improve the appearance of your hair

The physiological hair loss is a natural cyclical phenomenon. The "old" hair falls, and is replaced by the growing new. This is so-called hair-cycle and occurs approximately 20-40 times during a lifetime. There are approximately 100.000 hair on our head. The average lifetime of a hair is 7 years. The accepted norm of hair loss is around 80 per day. Also, according to the scientific studies, we should have our heads fully haired up until reaching our old age.

Depending on the severity of the destructive process in the body caused by the reactive oxygen, the reduction of the cell activity occurs, followed by its death (in the worst case). When there are too many cells lost in the hair follicle, it loses its abilities to create new hair. That's why we pay a huge attention to prevention of the damages caused by the high levels of active oxygen in the cell.

The most effective way to ensure the balance of our body is to introduce the agent that will eliminate this active oxygen. Such an agent is the Active Hydrogen, which bound to the oxygen molecules, and thus creates the healthy form of water. We can introduce the Active Hydrogen into our body by drinking the Life Water, generated by the Avatari Aqua.

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