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Zamów Generator Avatari Aqua Promocja Drugi wkład gratis - Woda Życia - www.WodaZycia.info

The user’s manual and leaflet are included in each order.
All Generators come with one refill inside and are ready to use.

Comparison of the 2 generators:

  The AVATARI AQUA Generator The H-01 Generator
Antioxidant water with all its advantages YES TAK
Effective de-acidification of the body YES YES
Anti-stress properties, improvement of the mood and overall well-being YES NO
Unclogging the energetic channels in the body YES NO
Holistic vibration of the flowers essences by Dr Bach YES NO
A replaceable refill YES NO
A lifetime warranty on the steel cylinder YES NO
Descaling frequency Every 3-14 days daily

In addition to the eternal stick-tube and interchangeable, long-lasting refills, the Avatari Aqua® Generator of Water of Life generates active hydrogen several times faster the H-01 generator, thereby lowering the ORP / Redox Water for negative values ​​after a few minutes! I effectively alkalizes, structurizes and gives life to the water, giving it a whole lots of SPA-healing properties. This high energy, life-giving water from 9 500 to 10 000 units (a maximum level of vitality), in the Bovis Scale and 140 000 units in the BSM scale. More information about the Avatari Aqua.

Generator Wody Życia Aktywnego Wodoru Avatari Aqua - www.WodaZycia.info

NEW - Generator Avatari Aqua® PREMIUM
ORP from -300mV to -600mV, pH to 10
more info in Polish > click here

Generator Aktywnego Wodoru Avatari Aqua Premium

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Avatari Aqua PREMIUM Generator 650 PLN
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