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Free radicals and Sport

Free radicals are almost anywhere!

Every day you have a "fresh supply" due to the environmental pollution in the air and water: furniture (adhesives, resins, varnishes), preservatives and dyes in foods, pesticides, herbicides, cigarette smoke, even if you do not smoke.

In addition to the exposure to free radicals from the outside, the respiration and energy production of oxygen in the mitochondria is also a rich source of them.

Ironically: one who breathes more (bodybuilders, footballers, people doing triathlon or fitness)... is the one more exposed to the harmful effects of free radicals., due to the processes of respiration and energy production with the participation of oxygen in the mitochondria.

The adverse effects of free radicals are beyond doubt and are proven by numerous, well-documented scientific researches.

The can damage:

  • The cell membranes
  • The DNA
  • Lipids, which leads to cell damage
  • Proteins, that in result won't be able to perform their function, and we can say "bye-bye" to our athletic achievements

The research on a group of cyclists that antioxidants is exactly what "sweeps away" the free radicals form the body (or in other words: reduces them to the bare minimum). The showed that after only 10 days of application of antioxidant substances, the riders can go further and work more intensely.

After the application of antioxidants, skiers could extend their training, and in the same time recover faster.

Now the question arises: so you take antioxidants and then?
The problem solved?

And what about the water? What kind of water you drink? What redox potential it has?

If you drink this transparent liquid offered on the market, then it certainly has the potential higher than +200mV. Your fancy mineral water is filled with free radicals (these little nasty things, invisible to the naked eye), and only destroys your body. In that case, the efficiency of the antioxidants and vitamins you take is very low, and you only waste your time, health and money. It is as if you took one table-spoon of medicine, and he other filled with poison. Do you like to play the Russian roulette?

From now on, please remember that the good water, is the one with the OPR potential ranging from -10mV to -400mV. It contains the Active Hydrogen - the best and most powerful antioxidant that you can give to your body.

You can have this water, by using the Avatari AquaR Generator, so that with every bottle of your favourite water, you will provide strength and health to your body.

You can compare the size of the molecules of the vitamin E and hydrogen molecules. They both inactivate one free radical.

Witamina E

So, which one you think is more efficient? Hydrogen or the vitamin E?

Active Hydrogen of course! There is no risk, that it will be oxidized by some toxic compound, causing trouble for the liver and kidneys.

Physical activity, dramatically increases the demand for water. Your success or failure will depend on the water you provide to your organism.

Free radicals damaging the muscle tissue may be one of the major factors limiting the physical capabilities of the body. In the mitochondria of skeletal muscle cells about 95-98% oxygen is reduced by the favourable, 4-electron reduction, but the remaining 2-5% is converted into oxygen free radical.

There is a simple correlation between increased consumption of oxygen by the cells (that occurs during any kind of physical exercise) and increase in the production of superoxide anion free radical (as well as other free radicals).

Large production of free radicals e.g. during an intense endurance training and a lack of appropriate defense mechanisms can lead to severe cell destruction.

It is believed that it is the free radicals that are responsible for muscle pain, that can be felt even few days after long, intense training.

The destruction of muscle cell membranes and inactivation or even the disappearance of many enzymes leads to the energy-metabolism disorders in muscles and as a consequence may significantly limit the exercise capacity of the athlete's body. Moreover, when the metabolic acidosis arises during the exercise, the production of free radicals is intensified, which leads to inefficient energy production and multidirectional metabolic disorders, and even to irreversible biological damages.

When we talk about the complexity and fast pace in functioning, you won't find other such "free radical scavenger" like the Avatari AquaR.

In addition to the heavy load of exercise, the athlete's body is overloaded with a bunch of free radicals derived from heavy supplementation and highly processed, packed foods. (Ideally these foods should be packed hermetically in order to prevent the oxidation). These food processing fosters the oxidation and the production of free radicals in the foods.

Acidification undermines the efforts of many athletes

For muscle function the energy is needed. This energy is released as a result of metabolism (burning) carbohydrates stored in muscle. During intense and prolonged effort after some time the blood cannot keep up with the provision of the adequate amounts of oxygen to the muscles. As a result the mechanism of anaerobic metabolism of carbohydrates turns on, which results in the production of lactic acid and countless free radicals. The muscle is acidified, the athlete is exhausted, and the next day he suffers from troublesome muscle aches, or ends up in the state of overtraining.

During a very intense workout, other acids are also produced. They can cause a permanent damage to the body. To regenerate the buffer systems of the body and help it to control the biochemical production of the lactates, it is necessary to supply it with the appropriate amount of alkaline substances. This will enable for better results.

Drinking alkaline water helps to neutralize excess lactic acid in the body, which gives athletes a chance to achieve better results. The physical fitness of the body increases and the muscles acidify much slower. Thanks to the enhanced activity of the buffer systems, during the competition and intense training the lactic acid does not build up in the body, which results in a significant improvement of the athletic performance.

To neutralize the excess amount of lactic acid, it is enough to drink just 0.5 litres of alkaline water before and after your workout.

Taking into account that in order to maintain the physical abilities at the descent level, athletes must remember to consume the adequate amounts of fluids every day, and the fact that in order to neutralize the acidification of muscles, they have to supplement the alkaline substances, we come to the most revolutionary conclusion, of an extraordinary significance for the future of the amateur and professional sport:

The most important and valuable substance for any athlete, and all who train any kind of discipline that involves intensive muscular effort, is undoubtedly, the Life Water. It has all the alkalizing properties and at the same time it is a super-effective antioxidant that eliminates free radicals during the exercise!

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